We support architects, commissioning clients, contractors, and property developers at every stage of the construction process, ranging from the very first conceptual deliberations right through to execution planning and on-site quality assurance. Our interdisciplinary team also develops unique concepts that draw on our core competencies of engineering, design, and sustainability to create optimal, integrated solutions for a wide spectrum of structures.

Stoeckach Stuttgart Certification, Sustainability Europe, Germany Huawei – Research and Development Center Structure Asia Weidenbornstraße Administrative Facility Certification, Building Physics, Sustainabili... Europe, Germany On the River Q3 Speyer Zukunft Münster 2050 Structure, Sustainability, Building Physics Europe, Germany Harlem Meer Center in Central Park Facade engineering North America Fifth Avenue Penthouse Facade, Design North America Villa Papillon Design Middle East Increase for Federal Institute Structure Europe, Germany DPI Furniture & Exhibition Stand Design, Structure Europe, Germany PIB – Building Pharmaceutical Institute Bonn Structure, BIM Europe, Germany VDI Brochure on Building Information Modelling Sustainability Europe, Germany Bridges & Look-out Cospuden Design, Tragwerk Europe, Germany Bridge at the Innovation Triangle Structure Europe, Germany O2 Table Structure Europe, Germany Otto Rettenmaier Auditorium Facade, Tragwerk Europe, Germany MZE KIT Campus Karlsruhe Facade engineering, Tragwerk Europe, Germany Sports Arena Tübingen Tragwerk Europe, Germany Jewellery Museum Facade engineering, Tragwerk Europe, Germany Institute of Anthropology Tragwerk, Sustainability Europe, Germany Federal Institute for Medicinal Products Facade, Tragwerk Europe, Germany IFF/IAT University of Stuttgart Tragwerk Europe, Germany Galeria Kaufhof Chemnitz Facade engineering, Structure Europe, Germany Foodgarden MTZ Sustainability, Certification Europe, Germany EDGE East Side Berlin Facade, Structure, Certification Europe, Germany Schule am Landgraben Structure Europe, Germany Würth Administration Building Structure Europe, Germany Alabama Tutwiler Stair Structure North America Cologne Trade Fair Venue Structure, Facade Europe, Germany CWE MetroLink Station Structure, Facade, Design North America 99 West Structure Europe, Germany Duisburg Main Station Facade Europe, Germany Althan Quarter Sustainability Austria, Europe CAU (Christian-Albrechts-Universität) Structure Europe, Germany Sculpture 23° Structure Europe, Germany Global Tower Structure Europe, Germany High-rise buildings Laim Structure, Facade Europe, Germany Westfield Hamburg-Überseequartier (Roofing) Design, Structure Europe, Germany Excelsior Haus Sustainability Europe, Germany Mainfeldschule Structure, Building Physics Europe, Germany GARP Training Centre Facade Europe, Germany HafenCity – EDGE ElbSide Facade Europe, Germany FHF Mensa Rottenburg Sustainability Europe, Germany HybridM – Moosach Bus Depot Structure, MEP Europe, Germany EXPO Shade Structures – Planted Pergolas Architecture, Design, Sustainability, General... Middle East, UAE EXPO Shade Structures – Bird Silhouettes Architecture, Design, Sustainability, General... Middle East, UAE EXPO Shades – Glass Fibre Membranes Architecture, Design, Sustainability, General... Middle East, UAE Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz Facade, Structure Europe, Germany Lahnsteg Bridge Naunheim Structure, General Planning Europe HafenCity – The Tide Sustainability Europe, Germany Plus Energy Quarter P18 Architecture, BIM, Building Physics, MEP, Sus... Europe, Germany Sky Garden Structure UAE Glass Canopies Structure, Facade Europe, Germany Riederwald Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge BIM, Structure Europe, Germany Ship Lifting Installation Niederfinow Structure Europe, Germany Chartres Townhall Structure, Facade, Design Europe The Brick 2.0 Structure Europe, Germany Historical Archive of Cologne Facade, General Planning Europe, Germany Bettrather Straße Bridge Design, Structure Europe Hohenberg School Fire Safety, General Planning, Design Europe, Germany Q20 – NeckarPark Structure, Facade Europe, Germany Cycle Bridge Tübingen Ost General Planning, Structure Europe, Germany Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf Facade, Structure, Building Physics Europe, Germany Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) BIM, Facade, Site Supervision Middle East KII Facade, Structure Europe, Germany adidas ARENA, World of Sports Structure, Site Supervision Europe, Germany Demonstrator D1244 Architecture, Structure, General Planning Europe, Germany TKT Architecture, BIM, Facade, Structure, General... Europe, Germany Futurium Facade, Sustainability, Certification, Buildi... Europe, Germany National Museum of Qatar BIM, Facade, Structure, Site Supervision Middle East Residential Complex Esslingen Architecture, MEP, Structure, Sustainability,... Europe, Germany Mercedes-Benz Museum Facade, Structure Europe, Germany S21 – Gridshells Structure Europe Students’ Hostel Bioniq Structure, MEP, Building Physics, Certificati... Europe, Germany Zinzendorf Gymnasium Certification Europe, Germany KfW Efficiency House Facade, Sustainability, Building Physics Europe Multi-Storey Car Park Überlingen MEP, Structure Europe, Germany S21 – Access Walkways Structure Europe, Germany S21 – Suburban Railway Bridge Structure Europe, Germany Al Wasl Tower BIM, Structure, Sustainability, General Plann... Middle East, UAE S21 – Chalice Supports Structure Europe, Germany S21 – Bonatzbau Facade, Structure Europe, Germany IIT Innovation Center BIM, Facade, Structure North America Montblanc Hamburg BIM, Facade, MEP, Structure Europe Calwer Passage Facade, Sustainability, Certification Europe, Germany Cycle Bridge Rosenau Architecture, Structure, General Planning Europe The Q Facade, Structure Europe, Germany Trumpf Canteen Structure Europe HafenCity – HC34 Structure Europe, Germany China Mobile South Base Facade, Structure Asia Headquarters BHQ-Z BIM, Facade, Structure, Sustainability, Build... Europe, Germany Our New House 2.0 Facade Europe Riverpark Structure Europe, Germany Nike Box MSK – Gorky Park Structure Europe Dock 10 Architecture, Design, Facade, Structure Europe, Germany Alster Gate Hamburg Facade, Building Physics Europe Town Hall Bridge Tuttlingen Architecture, Structure Europe, Germany Harvard ArtLab Facade, Structure North America S21 – Foundation Structure Europe, Germany S21 – Station Staatsgalerie Structure Europe, Germany Shakespeare’s Globe Theater Structure Europe The Lakhta Center Facade Europe La Hoja Structure North America EXPO Shade Structures Architecture, Sustainability, General Plannin... Middle East, UAE Hall 3C Nuremberg Trade Fair Centre Facade, Sustainability, Certification, Site S... Europe, Germany Trestle Structure North America A Pavilion for the Public Space Design, Structure Europe Alfredo Harp Helú Baseball Stadium Structure North America Fellbach Station Structure Europe, Germany Wolkenreich Design, General Planning Europe, Germany DigitalTWIN BIM Europe InformatiKOM Facade Europe, Germany NEST Unit UMAR Architecture, Design, Sustainability, General... Europe Ludwigsburg District Hall BIM, Structure Europe, Germany Kuwait International Airport (Terminal 2) BIM, Structure Middle East Waldkliniken Eisenberg Sustainability Europe, Germany Technology Campus Istanbul Facade, MEP, Structure, Sustainability Middle East, Turkey Bridge Lüdenscheid Structure, General Planning Europe, Germany University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm Structure Europe, Germany Pfenning Grounds MEP Europe, Germany Residential Tower Loerrach Structure, Site Supervision Europe, Germany Production Centre GIRA 2 Structure, Sustainability, Building Physics Europe, Germany T-Rex Tower Structure Europe, Germany FOUR Structure Europe, Germany E12, Aalen/Germany Architecture, General Planning, Site Supervis... Europe, Germany Reesepark I BIM, Facade, MEP, Sustainability, Building Ph... Europe 1301 Pennsylvania Avenue Facade North America Borusan Istanbul Design, Facade Asia Campus Melaten BIM, Structure Europe, Germany Interface Design B10 Design Europe, Germany New Apostolic Church Bammental MEP, Structure, Sustainability, Building Phys... Europe LG Electronics Tower Facade Asia Dubai Opera House Facade Middle East, UAE Aktivhaus Development Architecture, Facade, MEP, Sustainability, Si... Europe, Germany Congress Hall Tashkent Facade Asia, Uzbekistan National Assembly Hall Hanoi Facade Asia Beyond Form (Venice Biennale) Design, Facade, Structure, General Planning Europe P4 Architecture, MEP, Sustainability, General Pl... Europe, Germany Butterfly Mobile Structure Europe, Germany Stadium Seating Design Europe, Germany Suspended Ceiling Autostadt Architecture, Design, General Planning Europe K47 Facade Europe Orbit Tower Facade, Structure North America Design Europe, Germany Sprengel Museum Facade, Structure Europe, Germany Bridge Aalen Architecture, Design, Structure Europe, Germany Skyland Towers Istanbul Facade Europe Reception Building Schmalz Facade, MEP, Structure, Sustainability, Build... Europe, Germany Decaux Street Furniture Design, Structure Europe R57 Design, Facade, Structure, Sustainability, Si... Europe, Germany Orlando Eye BIM, Structure North America Dornier Museum Structure Europe, Germany Lichtwirbel Structure Europe, Germany Hager Forum Structure Germany Guangzhou Science Museum Facade, Structure Asia Exhibition Center Xi’an Structure Asia Ropeway Stations Koblenz Design, Facade Europe, Germany West Kowloon Cultural District Sustainability, Building Physics Asia Sparkasse Gross-Umstadt Facade, Structure, Sustainability, Certificat... Europe, Germany Dubai Design District Structure Middle East, UAE Etihad Museum Dubai Facade, Building Physics Middle East, UAE House of Astronomy Facade Europe, Germany B95 Structure Europe, Germany Garage Museum Facade, MEP, Building Physics Europe Audi IAA 2015 Facade, Structure Europe, Germany Slava Moscow Facade Europe Harbour Office Facade, Structure Europe, Germany AEB Headquarters BIM, MEP, Structure Europe, Germany Rethink Athens Sustainability Europe Madla Revheim Masterplan Sustainability Europe Study B14 Design, Structure Europe, Germany Doha Convention Center Facade Middle East Conveyance Hall Airport Zurich Design, Facade, Structure Europe Saudi Arabia Masterplan Sustainability Middle East REWE Green Sustainability, Certification Europe Trade Fair Stand Hero Structure Asia Timmerhuis Rotterdam Sustainability, Building Physics Europe Magnet Minsk Facade, Structure Europe Vakif Bank Istanbul Facade Europe DAM Pavilion Structure Europe Yaesu GranRoof Design, Facade, Structure Asia Dubai Crystal Structure, Sustainability, Certification, Bui... Middle East, UAE Siemens Munich Facade, Structure Europe, Germany 1999 KStreet Facade North America EXPO 2017 Astana BIM, Facade, Structure Europe Veer Towers Las Vegas Facade, Structure North America D10 Architecture, MEP, Sustainability, General Pl... Europe, Germany Kinetic Light Sculpture Facade, Structure Europe, Germany Hugo Boss D15 MEP, Sustainability, Building Physics Europe, Germany Siemens Shanghai Facade, Structure, Site Supervision Europe Y1 Architecture, Facade, Structure, Sustainabili... Europe Thorn StyLED Design Europe, Germany Rudolfstift Wien Facade, Structure Europe H16 Architecture, Facade, Structure, General Plan... Europe, Germany Kameha Grand Hotel Structure Europe, Germany R6 Architecture, Facade, MEP, Sustainability, Ge... Europe, Germany R128 Shaders Design Europe Interstuhl Architecture, Design, Facade, Structure, Cert... Europe, Germany Mercedes-Benz Trade Fair Stands Design, General Planning Europe ZOB Esslingen Architecture, Design, Structure Europe, Germany SSB Station Design Europe, Germany Cable Fitting System Design Europe Audi IAA 2013 Structure Europe Ropeway Cabins Design, Structure Europe, Germany Sparkasse Rosenheim Structure, Facade Europe, Germany State Library Berlin Facade, Structure Europe, Germany Emil Schumacher Museum Facade, Structure Europe R129 Design Europe Utility Plants Chicago Facade, Structure North America IIT Student Residence Structure North America DIFA Office Building Structure Europe, Germany Hanoi Museum Facade Asia Cologne Airport – Car park Facade, Structure Europe, Germany Fraunhofer Darmstadt Facade Europe Cité du design Facade, Structure Europe ThyssenKrupp Headquarters Facade, Structure Europe, Germany Fraunhofer Würzburg Facade Europe, Germany Eifman Dance Palace Facade Europe House of European History Facade Europe, Germany Heydar Aliyev Center Facade, Structure Asia Baku Flame Towers Facade, Structure, Site Supervision Asia Hanoi Ministry Facade Asia Mannheimer II Facade, Structure Europe, Germany Swarovski Headquarters Structure, Facade Europe, Germany Novartis Campus Facade Europe Deutsche Post Furniture Design, Structure Europe Airport Chair Design Europe Grenzen (er) leben Structure Europe Cruise Center Structure Germany Station Z Facade, Structure Europe, Germany Rotating Umbrellas Design Europe, Germany BMW Pavilion Design, Structure, General Planning Europe, Germany Altar Freiburg Architecture, Design, Structure, General Plan... Europe, Germany ADNOC Tower Facade, Sustainability, Building Physics Middle East, UAE Altar Munich Architecture, Design, Structure Europe, Germany SWM Reutlingen Structure Europe, Germany SWM Heilbronn Structure Europe, Germany Hall 3A Nuremberg Trade Fair Centre Sustainability, Certification, Building Physi... Europe, Germany Rhön Clinicum Facade, Structure Europe Polylit Structure Europe, Germany Lindenplatz Metzingen Structure Europe, Germany Kunstmuseum Stuttgart Structure, Facade Europe, Germany Bremen University Facade, Structure Europe North Mosque Bahrain Structure Middle East P&C Lübeck Structure Europe, Germany Stuttgart Main Station (S21) BIM, Structure Europe, Germany Japan Post Office Structure Asia B14 Architecture, Design, Structure, General Plan... Europe, Germany Audi Sales Center Munich Structure Europe, Germany Erde 2.0 Structure Europe, Germany syn chron Facade, Structure Europe, Germany Audi Geneva 2012 Structure Europe General Motors Stand Structure North America Aachen Auditorium Facade, MEP, Structure, Sustainability, Gener... Europe, Germany Sports City Tripoli Structure Africa mae west Structure Europe Hamburg Expo Structure Europe, Germany Dubai Jebel Ali Facade, Structure Middle East, UAE Hotel Nagold Structure Europe, Germany KAFD Butterfly Dome Facade, Structure Middle East Sculpture “Meistdeutigkeit” Structure Europe, Germany Himmelsflügel Structure Europe ZHI Structure Europe, Germany Baku White City Gateway Facade Asia HA-LO Headquarter Facade, Structure North America HDI Gerling Facade, Structure Europe, Germany Gira Structure Europe, Germany Mansueto Library Structure North America Sedus Stoll AG Structure Europe, Germany Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf Structure Europe, Germany Burda Media Park Structure Europe, Germany Merck Serono Facade, Structure Europe, Germany Mobile Life Campus Facade, Structure Europe, Germany Hamburg Wharfs Bridges Structure Europe, Germany EXPO 2000 Structure Europe, Germany Waldschlösschen Bridge Design, Structure Europe, Germany Josef Eberle Bridge Architecture, Design, Structure, General Plan... Europe, Germany ICE Bridges Structure Europe, Germany Bridge Renovations Structure, General Planning Europe, Germany Willy Brandt Bridge Structure Europe, Germany Fallersleber Tor Bridge Structure Europe, Germany Victor Toyka Bridge Structure Europe PUC Düsseldorf Structure Europe Biennale Pusan General Planning Asia Charles de Gaulle Bridge Structure Europe Cosmopolitan Twarda 2/4 Structure Europe Doha Convention Center Tower Facade, Structure Middle East Sony Center Facade, Structure Europe RAK Structure Middle East Druzhby Narodov Design, Facade, Structure Europe Highlight Towers Facade, Structure Europe, Germany Hegau Tower Structure Europe, Germany KfW Westarkaden Facade, Structure Europe, Germany DC Tower 1 Facade, Structure Europe, Germany Schwabenlandtower Fellbach Structure Germany Iset Tower Design, Facade, MEP Europe Stadium Sao Paulo Structure South America Stadion St. Petersburg Facade, Structure Europe Stadium St. Petersburg Structure, Facade Europe Burda Car Park Structure Europe, Germany A-Motion Pavilion Structure Europe, Germany House W Structure Europe, Germany Hermès Windows Architecture, Design, Facade, Structure North America F87 Architecture, MEP, Structure, Sustainability,... Europe, Germany S3 Architecture, Facade, Sustainability, General... Europe, Germany B10 Architecture, MEP, Sustainability, General Pl... Europe, Germany Mercedes-Benz Wings Design, Structure, General Planning Europe, Germany Mero Design, Structure, General Planning Europe, Germany Mercedes-Benz Motorsport Design, Structure, General Planning Europe, Germany Deutsche Post Stand Design, Structure Europe, Germany Arabian Canal Bridge Structure Middle East, UAE R128 Architecture, Design, Structure, General Plan... Europe, Germany Station Gottesacker Architecture, Design, Structure, General Plan... Europe, Germany Swarovski Curtain Structure Europe Audi Motorshow Stand Structure Europe, Germany Qatar National Convention Centre Facade Middle East Enzo Ferrari Museum Structure Europe European Investment Bank Structure Europe Grand Tower Moscow BIM, Structure, Sustainability, General Plann... Europe Skyline Tower Munich Structure Europe, Germany 600 Fairbanks Tower Structure North America SFEP – Shanghai Financial Exchange Plaza Facade, Structure Asia Dancing Dragons Structure Asia Sanaya Limitless Tower Structure Middle East, UAE BMBF Structure, Sustainability, Certification, Bui... Europe Salhia Tower Structure Middle East ADAC Headquarter Facade, Structure Europe, Germany Post Tower Facade, Structure Europe, Germany Bayer Headquarter Structure Europe, Germany Central Bus Station Hanover Architecture, Design, Structure Europe, Germany Four Seasons Hotel Structure Middle East Shanghai Expo Facade, Structure Asia Munich Expo Structure Europe, Germany Lufthansa Aviation Center Facade, Structure Europe, Germany Cologne Airport – ICE Station Structure Europe, Germany Nanjing Tower Facade, Structure Asia Vinacomin Hanoi Structure Asia Trumpf Gate House Facade, Structure Europe SBF Tower Sustainability, General Planning, Certificati... Asia Rothenbaum Stadium Structure Europe, Germany O’Hare Airport, Chicago Facade, Structure North America Interbank Lima Structure South America Bangkok Airport Facade, Structure Asia Dortmund Airport Structure Europe, Germany Cologne Airport – Terminal M Facade, Structure Europe, Germany Cologne Airport – Terminal 2 Facade, Structure Europe, Germany Tashkent Sport Stadium Structure Asia, Tashkent 251W14th Street Structure, Facade North America School Campus Adorno-Gymnasium MEP, Structure Europe, Germany Trade Fair Tower Frankfurt Facade, Structure Europe, Germany Biotechnology Centre (BTZ) Facade Europe, Germany Museo del Acero Structure North America Fuchshofstraße Primary School Structure Europe, Germany Arcapita Headquarters Structure Middle East Maritime Museum Facade, Structure Asia