Fifth Avenue Penthouse

The Fifth Avenue Penthouse features a 2,800 square feet interior and 400 square feet of outdoor space complete with breathtaking views over Central Park.

Lighting the Space & Maximising the Stunning View

The interior views are framed by expansive windows and eight-foot ceilings. Grand but respectful gestures were used in order to open up the space and still maintain the enfilade of rooms that all overlook the park.

Werner Sobek provided facade design services for the main glazed facade overlooking the park as well as for the custom glazed kitchen solarium.

WORKac, New York (US)

Planning time
2017 — 2018

Construction time
2018 — 2020

Services by Werner Sobek
Facade design

WORKac, New York (US)

Adam Friedberg, New York (US)

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