Facade Engineering

Facades are subjected to numerous structural and technical challenges, while at the same time they are required to offer maximum visual and thermal comfort. For that reason, their planning and execution demand the utmost care and attention. Highly efficient and carefully engineered facades lower building energy consumption and emissions while significantly enhancing the optical quality of a building for both the
user and observer. As is the case with structural engineering, Werner Sobek‘s work in the field of facade engineering also spans the globe, working in the most diverse of economic, cultural, and climatic spheres, applying local standards, taking widely differing building processes into consideration – and always keeping an eye on practical feasibility and economic efficiency, quality and precision whilst remaining faithful to the design.

Integral cooperation with the architects as well as other professional planners is an important prerequisite for the success of our work in facade engineering. Double facades, cable-stayed facades, rear-ventilated facade systems and complex geometrical forms represent a particular focus of the work performed by Werner Sobek. We offers all-encompassing facade engineering for all kinds of building envelopes and special constructions in all phases of work.

Blast Engineering

Building developers and users have a number of different expectations when it comes to a structure and its facades. The current explosion protection requirements, safeguarding a building’s users from explosions makes up an increasingly vital part of this planning process today. As well as complying with the necessary explosion protection standards, planners also have to think about various financial and aesthetic factors. Werner Sobek offers a comprehensive planning service to ensure that each project observes the requisite explosion protection requirements while also meeting the highest expectations in every other facet of its design.

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