Engineers for Facade Planning

Werner Sobek, as a globally active engineering firm, provides fully comprehensive facade planning for all types of building envelopes and special constructions in all service phases.

Facades are subject to numerous requirements and at the same time must offer maximum visual and transparent comfort. The planning and execution of facades therefore requires utmost care, as design and material always present new challenges. Highly efficient and carefully designed facades reduce the energy consumption and emissions of buildings while significantly improving the visual quality of a building for user and viewer.

As in other service areas, Werner Sobek generally works all over the world, in a wide variety of economic, cultural and climatic environments, using local standards and taking into account a wide variety of construction processes – always with an eye to buildability and cost-effectiveness as well as quality, precision and design fidelity.

Cooperation with Architects and Specialist Planners

Integral cooperation with architects and specialist planners is an important prerequisite for the success of our work also in facade planning.

A particular focus of Werner Sobek’s work is on double facades, cable facades, ventilated facades and complex geometries.

Explosion Protection for Facades

Werner Sobek offers comprehensive planning services with regard to explosion-protected buildings.

Building owners and building users have many different expectations of the buildings themselves and their facades. The protection of building users against explosions plays an increasingly important role, which is reflected in explosion protection requirements. In addition to explosion protection criteria to be achieved, economic and architectural aspects must always be taken into account in comprehensive planning at the same time.

Other Services