Dock 10 in Hamburg


Werner Sobek has shaped the design and function of buildings in a wide variety of projects. But we also offer the comprehensive design of products. Our portfolio includes, among other things, chairs, rope end fittings and armatures to exhibition stands, stadium roofs, experimental buildings, urban objects and textiles of various types and functions.

Quality, Functionality & Minimalism

All our designs are characterised by high formal quality, sophisticated design down to the smallest detail and reliable functionality. We do without anything superfluous. Where possible, we employ strategies of standardisation and pre-assembly of individual elements, which ensures a high degree of economy and high quality.

Limits of What is Formally and Technically Feasible

Werner Sobek develops designs with formal quality and constructive logic, lightness and transparency. But we don’t just design the individual elements, we also want them to fit harmoniously into the overall context.

For us, design involves processes of reduction to the quintessence, the core of things. We explore the limits of what is formally, physically and technically possible. Minimalist designs with a high degree of complexity and convincing formal quality are the result of our work.

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