Fire Safety

Werner Sobek works with experienced engineers to develop high quality, cost-effective and sustainable fire safety concepts that are tailored to your building and its unique combination of uses in order to attain the safety goals laid out in your local state building code.

Preventative fire safety requirements are taken into consideration during all specialist planning processes and detailed in fire safety certificates and concepts.

We can support you with every service phase and with all kinds of projects, whether they involve standard or − our particular speciality − non-standard building designs.

We always focus on collaborating closely with the other specialist planners in our team to generate sustainable, holistic solutions that are optimised to meet our clients’ ecological and financial objectives.

Of course, we do not limit ourselves to working on new buildings, but also offer comprehensive, holistic support for the renovation and revitalisation of existing properties. We can even complete projects while your buildings are in use. Needless to say, you will also benefit from all the expertise of an international engineering firm that is renowned for structural planning, building physics and facades.

We are pleased to provide the following fire safety planning services:

  • Provision of fire safety certificates for standard building designs
  • Development of optimized, tailor-made, cost-effective, ecologically responsible concepts for non-standard building designs
  • Support with the creation of fire control matrices
  • Development of fire action plans
  • Creation of plans to aid emergency fire services
  • Development of escape plans and emergency route plans
  • Support with technical fire safety assessments of sections of existing buildings

The fact that our offices feature specialists in architecture, structural planning, facade planning, building physics and fire safety allows us to create cooperative, integrated plans that set you up for success in architectural competitions and project development processes.

We have been entrusted with fire safety planning for a wide variety of projects, including:

  • Renovating and converting a building into a police station
  • Renovating and converting office buildings into accommodation for refugees
  • Renovating, extending and adding a new structure to a local state ministry office while the building was in use
  • Renovating and converting an office building into an educational facility featuring accommodation, a canteen with a catering kitchen and an integrated assembly hall with a stage
  • Renovating and converting an office building into a vocational school with training workshops
  • Constructing a new residential and commercial building with a large parking facility
  • Constructing a new high-rise residential building (approx. 100 m) and an integrated garage with automated parking (> 200 spaces)

Other Services