Werner Sobek’s expertise in the realm of sustainability is tied together under the heading GreenTechnologies. The foundation of all our planning activities is the endeavour to design buildings that secure and promote human health. Our plans strive to guarantee a high level of user comfort, an excellent standard of energy performance, and the careful use of the building materials at our disposal.

Our objective is to develop sustainable buildings, urban districts and cities. In our planning work, we take into account all factors influencing the sustainability of a building or urban area. As well as involvement in the manufacturing stage, this also includes paying special attention to the service life and potential conversion and dismantlement phases.

In addition, we place particular emphasis on the health and well-being of the user and on energy performance. This involves such aspects as thermal, acoustic and visual comfort and issues of biocompatibility (such as the emissions factors of the building materials employed).


The range of services we offer includes the development of sustainability, energy and MEP concepts; building physics consultancy; simulations; the planning of technical building services; Life-Cycle Assessments (LCA); economic feasibility studies; sustainability certification in accordance with DGNB, LEED, BREEAM, BNB, and Greenpass.

A significant cornerstone of our thought and action is the Triple Zero concept developed by Werner Sobek. This short, succinct formulation describes the requirements that a sustainable building or urban district should ideally fulfil.

Following this concept, our projects should not consume more energy than they generate from renewable sources on average per year (Zero Energy); they should not produce any emissions of carbon dioxide or other substances that are harmful to people and the environment (Zero Emissions); and it should be possible to fully reintroduce them into the materials cycle (Zero Waste).

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