In the field of sustainability and building technology, the competences of Werner Sobek engineering office are summarised under the term Green Technologies.

The basis of our engineers’ planning activities is the striving to design buildings which guarantee a high level of user comfort as well as excellent energy performance. And we handle the building materials available to us with care.

Goal: Sustainable Building

The aim of our work is to plan sustainable buildings, urban districts and cities. The planning work includes all important factors that have an influence on the quality of a building or an urban district.

In addition to the construction phase, this also includes the integration of the use as well as future renovations and conversion phases.

In addition to the energy performance of a building, we also consider aspects such as thermal, acoustic and visual comfort as well as questions of biocompatibility, for example the emission behaviour of the building materials used.

The range of services offered by our planning office in the field of sustainability includes the following activities:

  • the analysis of basic sustainability goals and parameters,
  • the development of sustainability and energy concepts,
  • the implementation of life cycle analyses and economic feasibility studies, building physics consultations,
  • carrying out certifications in accordance with the DGNB, LEED, BREEAM, BNB, WELL and Greenpass systems.

The Triple Zero Concept

The Triple Zero Concept developed by Werner Sobek in the 1990s is the essential basis of our thinking and actions. This describes in a short, concise formula, which requirements sustainable buildings or urban quarters should ideally fulfil.

Our projects should not consume more energy than they generate on an annual average from sustainable sources (zero energy), they should not produce any emissions of carbon dioxide or other substances harmful to humans and the environment (zero emissions) and they should be completely recyclable (zero waste).

Other Services