Checking Engineering

Checking engineering is an important process in the construction industry that contributes to the structural safety and stability of buildings and other structures (such as bridges). Through
comprehensive investigations, analyses and calculations, the load-bearing capacity of components such as foundations, supports and load-bearing structures before construction begins.

The applicable building regulations and standards are decisive for this. The structural calculations prepared by third parties are subjected to intensive scrutiny. A publicly appointed checking engineering is always consulted for this task.

The aim is to identify potential risks at an early stage and ensure compliance with building standards and regulations. In this way, the quality and longevity of construction projects can be better and the safety of people and property can be additionally protected.

Werner Sobek offers the checking engineering of construction projects at various locations in
Germany, where our employees work directly with publicly appointed test engineers on site.
In addition to the testing of new construction projects, our portfolio also includes testing the load-bearing structure of existing buildings.

Klärschlammverwertungsanlage In Waßmannsdorf

Construction site monitoring as part of the checking engineering.

Construction site monitoring is an integral part of the checking engineering.
The test engineers and the engineers supporting them randomly monitor the construction progress
on site in order to ensure that the construction work is carried out in accordance with the approvedplans and specifications.

For example, they check whether the reinforcement is being installed correctly.
At the end of the inspection process, the building owner or client is given approval for use.

Portrait Konrad Hall

Our Test Engineer: Konrad Hall

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Konrad Hall has learnt the construction industry from the ground up. After training as a carpenter, successfully completing his civil engineering studies in Constance and Lausanne and working as a project manager, he obtained his licence as a test engineer in Baden-Württemberg in 2013 and is also Managing Director of Sobek & Hall GmbH.

Curriculum vitae of Konrad Hall

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