Werner Sobek provides fully comprehensive building services planning for all types of buildings. The service areas provided here include in particular:

  • Heating: energy consulting, comparison of variants, system calculations
  • Ventilation and air conditioning: economic efficiency calculations, ventilation and air conditioning systems, heat recovery
  • Sanitary engineering: cost calculations, drainage systems, furnishing planning
  • Refrigeration: cooling load calculations, building cooling, heat pumps
  • Alternative energy concepts: Economic feasibility design of biomass heating systems, combined heat and power plants, solar thermal plants
  • Technical fire protection systems: fire water supply, sprinkler systems, foam extinguishing systems
  • Solar thermal/photovoltaic systems
  • District and local heating systems: local heating networks, heat supply contracting, heat-saving contracting
  • MSR technology: building control systems, overall performance from a single source

There is increasing demand for more efficient, more comfortable and healthier buildings. Building services engineers design mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems for buildings, and as such are integral to delivering truly sustainable buildings.

As key members of the design team, building services engineers are integral to delivering the internal climate and conditions required by the architectural vision and clients.

Our building services engineers and sustainability consultants work closely with architects to gain an understanding of the different spaces and to provide systems that blend into the spaces and efficiently provide the required comfort levels.

Key sustainability principals are integrated seamlessly into all our building services designs, ensuring that clients receive carefully considered designs, which maximise on natural resources (such as daylight and renewable energy) whilst being conscious of the construction budget, modern design practices, robust design and future operations.

We have significant experience working in emerging markets, ensuring our designs are appropriate for local regulations and construction practices.

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