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Hej alle sammen!

Welcome to our Copenhagen office. For many years we at Werner Sobek have been looking at Scandinavia with awe since it has so much to offer in terms of architecture and sustainability. Early in 2022 we finally made the next step and opened an office in the Danish capital. Our presence here will hopefully help us to understand better why Scandinavia has such a vibrant design and planning community – and allow us to make a small contribution to exciting new projects as well.

Planning Office for Supporting Structure, Facades, Building Services in Copenhagen

We cover a very broad range of topics and sizes. On our agenda you will find mega-projects running over many years just as you will also see relatively small ones, running for a few weeks only. Be it with regard to structural and facade engineering, MEP planning or sustainability consultancy in phase zero – it’s all part of our holistic approach towards designing and engineering a future-proof architecture for tomorrow.

Partner Office for Architects from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland

Our location here in Denmark is also meant to act as a go-to-station for Scandinavian architects and consultants who want to reach out to the Central European market and who would like benefit from our references and experiences. I am very much looking forward to working with you!

Yours, Stefanie Weidner
Director of Werner Sobek København

9. November 2023: We are delighted to have won the German-Danish Business Award!

Meet our Director Stefanie Weidner

In a short video and written interview, Stefanie Weidner introduces herself and talks about the city of Copenhagen and the focus of our office.

Copenhagen Engineering Office Werner Sobek Structural Design

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Stefanie, how often are you in Copenhagen?

I myself am in Copenhagen for about half of the time, as I continue to work on my German projects. However, our office at Bloxhub is permanently staffed by my team.

How do you like it here?

Copenhagen is really a great and liveable city. But I have to say that I’m glad to be out of the dark and wet winter for now. I still like it here very much, the proximity to the sea, the beautiful old town and the exciting new architectural projects make for a very good overall picture.

How are you getting on with the Danish Language?

I’m on it! I’ve been doing an online language course for a few months now, but once a week isn’t quite enough for this language. So I try to familiarise myself with the sound and pronunciation by listening to Danish radio and watching Danish series. My expectations of my language comprehension are already quite high and I can’t live up to them at the moment, but hopefully that will come.

What expertise do you bring with you?

My area of expertise is sustainability in terms of resource and greenhouse gas emission reduction. The building sector is known to be responsible for more than half of global emissions and for a large part of resource consumption. During my dissertation, I worked out basic sustainability strategies and further intensified my knowledge in practice at Werner Sobek. How can new buildings become more sustainable – and do we have to build new buildings at all? In my opinion, these and many other questions are at the beginning of every project, and I support clients and planners in finding the right solutions for their project and accompany them along the way. Many other aspects of sustainability such as certifications or ESG assessments are of course a part of it.

What do you expect for the coming years?

I hope that we can arrive in the Scandinavian market and earn the trust of clients and planners. We are an internationally recognised office with many great references, but nevertheless every market entry is a new challenge in which you first have to prove yourself anew.

Copenhagen is a world leader in sustainable development. From timber buildings to seawater cooling systems. From cycle lanes to wind power. This is a place where innovative architecture and urban design have always thrived.


Copenhagen Engineering Office Werner Sobek Structural Design

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Our Office in Copenhagen

Werner Sobek København is centrally located in the heart of the city. Our premises is located in the nordic hub for sustainable urbanization, called Bloxhub. This is where we share knowledge and think innovatively.

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