School Campus Adorno-Gymnasium

This plan for a new school building with a footprint of approx. 121 x 65 m was designed for construction on the sports grounds of the Phillip Holzmann School in the north of the Westend district of Frankfurt. The structure’s rectangular layout includes a pair of interior courtyards and is divided into two different areas: a western section created to house the Gymnasium Nied Grammar School and an eastern section intended for use by Holzhausen Primary School. The northern part of the three-storey complex features separate entrances for both schools and a shared kitchen with adjoining dining rooms.

In order to speed up the construction process and allow the school to be dismantled and rebuilt elsewhere if necessary at a later date, the building shell used in the design consists of a pre-fabricated timber structure that reaches a high level of completion before arriving at the site. This structure rests on a layer of steel grating which sits atop a foundation of removable screw piles that act as displacement piles and safely transfer the various loads from the building into the ground. During the planning process, care was taken to ensure that as many of the school’s structural elements as possible serve a load-bearing function. This distributes the vertical and horizontal loads equally throughout the building as a whole.


gmp International GmbH, Berlin/Germany

Planning time

Construction time
2018 − 2019

Services by Werner Sobek
Structural engineering (WP 1 − 6, 8)
Building physics (WP 1 − 6)

20,000 m²

Office for Building and Real Estate,
Frankfurt am Main/Germany

Marcus Bredt, Berlin/Germany


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