Experimental House R128


Architecture which claims to formulate an attitude appropriate to our time and the future, must find its forms and materials by developing forms on the basis of integrated processes of planning and organisation to satisfy current and future ways of human living. We should not ask “how did we use to work and live” but “how shall we work and live in the future?”.

The answer to this question requires an unconditional anticipation of what the future holds in store – a method which occasionally may lead us in the wrong direction but which is the only way in terms of being intellectually justifiable. Or, in the words of Hegel “…that the fear of being wrong constitutes an error in itself”.

Through the planning of structure and facade, Werner Sobek plays an important role in shaping the form and function of numerous buildings. However, the studio also delivers complete designs for products such as chairs or cable end fittings, just as it does for bridges, towers, trade fair stands, temporary structures, experimental units or urban objects.

A common feature in all these designs is their high structural quality, the shaping, right down to the smallest detail, and the high level of functionality. Everything that is superfluous is omitted. Where possible, work is carried out with standardized and pre-assembled elements, which guarantee high levels of cost-effectiveness and high quality. Form, function and structure thus converge to form a perfect unit.

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