Production Centre GIRA 2

Based in Radevormwald, Germany, Gira is one of the country‘s leading manufacturers of electrical installation technology. Strong growth means the company needs to build a new production complex that will also combine the goods in, storage and dispatch departments. It is envisaged that the new industrial park will accommodate more than 600 members of staff and fulfil the latest workplace requirements. This industrial park (GIRA 2) is just 600 m from the GIRA 1 complex built in 2002 in which Werner Sobek collaborated as the structural design engineer.

Approximately 266 m in length and with a maximum width of 95 m the whole building complex of the new production centre is divided into four building parts. When viewed from the east, the complex begins with the production workshop with an elevated office area seated on its roof. Housing a high bay racking and a general box storage facility a storage/logistics hall joins onto the production workshop. A dispatch hall, which joins directly onto the storage hall, forms the boundary of the production centre on the west side.

During planning, priority was given to providing employees with a healthy and safe working environment in the offices as well as in the production and dispatch areas. Innovative building services such as a cogeneration unit and a cooling unit are combined with other progressive solutions such as combining waste heat from production processes and grey water to create an efficient air conditioning and energy concept. Advanced simulation techniques are used to design the building services equipment. Simulations will be undertaken to examine and optimize thermal comfort and energy balance at a later stage in the planning process.

Sauerbruch Hutton Architects, Berlin/Germany

Planning time
2014 − 2016

Construction time
2016 − 2018

Services by Werner Sobek
Structural engineering
(WP 1 − 6 acc. to HOAI)
Building physics, energy relevant simulation
(WP 1 − 8 acc. to HOAI)

30,640 m²

GIRA, Radevormwald/Germany

Jan Bitter, Berlin/Germany

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