Hermès Windows

Werner Sobek was commissioned by Hermès, to design the 2011 holiday windows display for their New York flagship boutique, as well as the special exhibit furnishings for Hermès’ Petit h collection, a travelling specialty collection. The design concepts for the project pay homage to the qualities of Hermès’ ethos and products by using simple but refined techniques in color, geometry, and materiality. For the window displays, three-dimensional geometric tiling “lenses” are used to direct the view into the window toward selected. Hermès items on show. The remainder of the window is masked with vibrant color contrasting with the window interior to create a sense of discovery and enhance the depth of space. The furnishings for the Petit h exhibit and sales floor, designed in conversation with Hermès Visual department, consist of modular display units resembling sections of enlarged honeycombs. As in the windows, color and geometry are employed to enhance the exhibition of the objects

Werner Sobek, Stuttgart/Deutschland & New York/USA

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Hermès of Paris, New York/USA

Jack M. Kucy, New York/USA

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