Hermès Windows

In 2011, Werner Sobek was commissioned by the Hermès family group to design the Christmas display windows for the New York flagship store and the special exhibition “Hermès – Petit h exhibit”. The design concept was a homage to the quality of Hermès products. The focus was to be on simpler products with refined techniques using colour, geometry and materiality.

Homage to the Quality of Hermès Products

For the New York shop windows, Werner Sobek designed three-dimensional geometric tiles, so-called “lenses”, which drew the eye through the windows to the selected Hermès products. The windows were designed with vivid contrasts to the interior to create a sense of “discovery” and bring the depth of the space to the fore.

Werner Sobek, Stuttgart/Deutschland & New York/USA

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Services by Werner Sobek

  • Design
  • Object design
  • Exhibit design

Hermès of Paris, New York/USA

Jack M. Kucy, New York/USA

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