Station Z

A protective structure with a homogeneous, translucent shell was erected over the remains of the crematorium of the Sachsenhausen concentration camp near Oranienburg. The roof is a vacuum-stabilised membrane construction for which Werner Sobek was responsible for the facade engineering. Its supporting structure, which is not visible from the outside, consists of steel trusses and has an overall height of approx. 1.30 m in the roof area and approx. 1.15 m in the wall area.

Memorial with a Special Shell

On the outside and inside, the supporting structure is clad with a skin of grating and perforated sheeting. A translucent membrane made of a glass-fibre PTFE fabric was stretched over this construction and sealed airtight. To ensure reliable fixation of the membrane skin to the substructure, negative pressure is created between the two membrane levels.

hg Merz, Berlin/Germany

Planning time
1999 − 2003

Construction time
2003 − 2005

Services by Werner Sobek
Facade engineering (membrane structure)

City of Bernau/Germany

Zooey Braun, Stuttgart/Germany

Balthasar Neumann Award 2006
Award of the Art Directors Club (ADC) – Gold 2006
German Designer Club (DDC) Award – Silver 2006
German Critics’ Prize for Architecture 2006
German Steel Construction Award 2006

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