HA-LO Headquarter

The Ha-Lo company had a seven-storey office building erected near Chicago as the new headquarters of the company administration. The glazed reinforced concrete skeleton building with a footprint of 64 m x 55 m protrudes above the surrounding development. Due to the unusual architecture, an exemption from the other development plan was granted. Werner Sobek was responsible for the structural engineering of the special structures in the project.

Exceptional Design – Exemption from Development Plan

Two triangular structures in the ground plan complement the building on the outside at a height of approx. 28 m to form a parallelogram. An under-tensioned girder with a length of more than 60 m carries a grid of welded T-profiles, each of which is adapted in its construction height to the different spans. The cable sub-tensioning follows the bending moment curve from the triangular surface. Tubular sections form the top chord and the posts of the girder, which is supported at one end at the corner of the building. At the other end, the girder is supported by a triple chord support.

Jahn Architecture Inc., Chicago/USA

Planning time
1998 − 2000

Construction time
2000 − 2001

Services by Werner Sobek
Structural engineering of special structures

24,715 m²

Center Point Properties, Oak Brook/USA

Rainer Viertlböck, Gauting/Germany
Doug Snower, Chicago/USA

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