Nike Box MSK – Gorky Park

The Nike Box MSK in Gorky Park, Moscow, is a free-access, innovative cultural and sports centre that is open all year round. The sports centre has a modern football and basketball pitch, as well as a modern yoga area. It is also home to the Nike Training and Running Club. Adjacent to the sports areas are the changing rooms, showers and a luggage storage area.

Three-Dimensional Metal Grid as a Membrane Between Inside and Outside

The facade with its three-dimensional metal grid functions as a membrane between the interior and the adjacent park. The transparent structure of the pavilion makes all rooms, even the TGA room, visible from the street. The roofing of the outer shell was designed taking into account the dendrological map of the built-up area. Thus, all the roofing structures have cavities in places where the trees cut into these structures.


KOSMOS architects, Moscow/Russia
Strelka KB, Moscow/Russia

Planning time
2017 − 2018

Construction time

Services by Werner Sobek
Structural engineering (all phases)

Strelka KB, Moscow/Russia

Iwan Baan, New York/USA

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