Study B14

Werner Sobek’s study provides the B14 with seven buildings that flow into art and landscape spaces. It is a complete reinterpretation of the urban spacer in dialogue with the existing. The individual buildings define striking crossroads in the city.

Ambient Noises Become Harmonious Sound Movements

The concise prelude to the concept is the extension of the Staatsgalerie. In addition to being a necessary complement to the existing museums, it simultaneously marks the point as a modern gateway to the city. The sound tunnel, a lowered and accessible art space in the street axis, connects the new Staatsgalerie with the sculpture garden. The natural sounds of the surroundings are transformed into harmonious sound movements…

Werner Sobek, Stuttgart/Germany

Planning time

Construction time

Services by Werner Sobek
Structural Engineering (WP 1 − 4 acc. to § 64 HOAI)

City of Stuttgart/Germany

Werner Sobek, Stuttgart/Germany

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