Sky Garden in Dubai

Sky Garden

The Sky Garden or CGT (Convertible Gyro Tower) is a ride attraction for EXPO 2020 in Dubai. It consists of a height-adjustable and rotating glass viewing platform with a diameter of 15m. The platform is connected to a 55 m high steel tower (Ø approx. 3m) via a steel construction.

Integrated Trees Provide Shade

Up to 100 passengers can be seated on the two levels of the viewing platform. The upper area is kept open. Trees integrated into the construction provide shade for the visitors. The lower level is closed and air-conditioned.

Rotating, Two-Storey Glass and Steel Platform

In addition to static loads, dynamic loads were also taken into account in the design of the supporting structure, and fatigue analyses were carried out. Special features of this ride are, on the one hand, the mobile, rotating two-storey glass-steel platform, on the other hand, the inclusion of fatigue investigations and glass-bonding calculations as well as the calculation of the supporting structure with dynamic loads.

Watch the Video

More impressions of the Sky Garden at Expo 2022 can be seen in a video worth watching, published by Gulf News.

Sky Garden in Dubai

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Asif Khan Ltd., London/Great Britain

Planning time
2018 − 2019

Construction time
2019 − 2020

Services by Werner Sobek
Structural engineering — Special steel and glass construction

Andreas Keller, Altdorf/Germany

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