EIF Köln Eifelwall Historisches Archiv und Rheinisches Bildarchiv

Historical Archive of the Rhineland

The archival storage rooms of the new Historical Archive (HA) and the Picture Archives of the Rhineland (RBA) in Cologne are housed within a cubic structure. This Archival Building is surrounded by a second structure that encloses it like a protective outer shell. One square and one rectangular interior courtyard have been positioned in the spaces between the two buildings. The transparent facades of the outer building and the elegant facade structure placed in front of them were all designed to echo the proportions of the existing architecture in the vicinity. The complex, which serves as a citizens’ archive, also includes welcoming glazed frontages that face the nearby streets and green spaces like shop windows. Deep vertical and horizontal slats made of architectural bronze arranged in front of the facade form a slender ‘brise soleil’. The sizeable flanks of these elements create a beautiful, constantly changing play of light and shadow. The extensive natural shade this provides inside the building allows the facade construction to make a significant contribution to fulfilling the project’s strict requirements regarding conservation and energy consumption. The Archival Building is fitted with sheet metal cladding made of architectural bronze. Soft lights illuminate the building envelope at night, making the structure stand out as part of the nocturnal cityscape.

Waechter + Waechter Architekten, Darmstadt/Germany

Planning time
2012 – 2017

Construction time
2016 – 2020

Services by Werner Sobek
Facade engineering (WP 2.1 acc. to AHO Nr. 28 as well as additional services such as preparation of key details, planning of built-in fixtures etc.)

22,510 m²

Waechter + Waechter Architekten, Darmstadt/Germany

Brigida Gonzalez, Stuttgart/Germany

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