Otto Rettenmaier Auditorium

This new, 600 seat auditorium gives the University of Hohenheim a great deal more flexibility in the organisation of its lecture series.

The centrepiece of the construction is the roof structure which consists of arching laminated timber beams. The distance spanned by all of these supports is just under 24 m. Horizontal bracing is provided by large areas of oriented strand board (OSB).

Wave-shaped Exterior Facade

The entire roof construction sits on steel-reinforced concrete walls that feature fair-faced concrete in the interior space. The facade consists of large precast concrete elements in wave form.

Deubzer König + Rimmel Architekten, Munich/Germany

Planning time
2013 – 2014

Construction time
2015 – 2016

Services by Werner Sobek

  • Structural engineering (WP 1 – 6 + 9 acc. to §64 HOAI)
  • Facade engineering

1,658 m²

Stuttgart and Hohenheim University Building Authority – Hohenheim Dept./Germany

Wolfram Janzer, Munich/Germany

Hugo Häring Award 2018

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