Althan Quarter

A sustainability study was carried out to investigate whether building a new Althan Quarter or converting its existing structures (via a complete programme of renovations and the addition of extra storeys) would have a greater impact on greenhouse gas emissions. The BIM model and data sets from the Ökobaudat platform were used to determine the grey emissions involved in the two options’ supporting structures, interior fittings and facades.

Refurbishment: Preserve the Existing, Create New

The study convincingly demonstrated that converting the original buildings could produce up to 67% per cent fewer greenhouse gas emissions overall. This approach was ultimately selected by the developers.

Delugan Meissl und Weichenberger Architects, Vienna/Austria

Planning time

Services by Werner Sobek
Sustainability study

80,630 m²

6B47 Real Estate Investors AG, Vienna/Austria

6B47 Real Estate Investors AG, Vienna/Austria

WOOW Studio, Petrzalka/Slovakia
6B47 Real Estate Investors AG, Vienna/Austria

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