Rethink Athens

The Rethink Athens project, funded by the European Union, redesigned central axes and squares of the city to increase the quality of outdoor space and user comfort. Central aspects were new surface materials of streets and squares in addition to traffic routing and interfaces to public transport. In addition, new green spaces were to be created and optimal irrigation of existing ones was to be ensured.

Better Microclimate Through More Green Spaces

In addition to design aspects, Rethink Athens was also concerned with improving the microclimate in the city, with green spaces and surface materials playing a particularly important role. The aim was to avoid urban heat islands in summer and thus reduce the ambient temperature. At the same time, the energy required for cooling surrounding buildings was to be reduced in the best possible case. And last but not least, the thermal comfort for city dwellers was to be increased.

OKRA landscape architects, Utrecht (NL)

Planning phase
2013 − 2014

Services by Werner Sobek

  • Microclimatic simulation and optimization
  • Calibrating the model with measurement data

Onassis Foundation, Vaduz (FL)

Werner Sobek, Stuttgart (D)

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