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Green for Cities and Klibau – Research and Innovation at Werner Sobek

Welcome to the new year – we kick it off with a short film about thoughtfully greened cities of the future.

How do we need to build to be better prepared for extreme weather events? And how can building improve our microclimate and contribute to the fight against advancing climate change?

In our new short film on the focus “Research and Innovation at Werner Sobek”, Vanessa Propach and Moritz Brombacher present the research projects “Green for Cities” and “Klibau“. The former investigates morphological urban structures and the positive influence of greening on these structures, while the more recent “Klibau” project deals with the further development and concretisation of climate-adapted building.

Florian Starz then uses the example of the Calwer Passage to explain how the findings from the research project can be tested and verified directly in our projects.

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Propach Und Brombacher Teaser

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