A temporary school development for around 800 pupils has been built across a split plot of land on the “Im Mainfeld” greenfield site in the Niederrad district of Frankfurt. The two separate sections of the site are each home to a three-storey school building made of prefabricated CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) elements. The structure on the eastern section of the plot consists of a conventional load-bearing construction that is partly underpinned by a waterproof reinforced concrete basement. In contrast, the western structure sits on a solid ground bearing floor slab.

Both buildings are connected by a large-span timber bridge structure located at second storey. In addition to carrying out structural planning work for the school facilities, Werner Sobek was tasked with providing building acoustics consulting and helping create an external waterproofing concept and a waterproof materials plan for the development’s basement structure and foundation components.

The foundations of both buildings are designed in such way that either crosslaminated superstructure or timber concrete composite structure could be used.

KGS Niederrad Mainfeldschule in Frankfurt am Main
KGS Niederrad Mainfeldschule in Frankfurt am Main

Architecture architekten, Darmstadt/Germany

Planning time
2017 – 2018

Construction time
2018 – 2019

Services by Werner Sobek
Feasibility study (WP 1– 2 acc. to HOAI)
Structural engineering (WP 3 – 6, 8)
Building Physics (WP 1 – 5, 8)
Architectural acoustics (WP 1 – 4)
Quality assurance

Magistrat der Stadt Frankfurt am Main/Germany
Amt für Bau und Immobilien, Frankfurt am Main/Germany

Thomas Ott, Mühltal/Germany

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