Eifman Dance Palace

The Eifman Dance Theatre in St. Petersburg is home to the world-famous Eifman Ballet. The building has a total area of 24,000 square metres and is part of the European Embankment district of St. Petersburg.

Futuristic with Transparent Base

The theatre was designed by the architectural firm UNStudio and Grigoriev and Partners, with Werner Sobek responsible for the facade engineering. The Eifmann Dance Theatre can seat up to 1,300 people. The transparent glass facade serves as the main entrance and at the same time connects the building directly with the spacious park in front of it.

UNStudio, Amsterdam/The Netherlands &
Grigoriev and Partners, St. Petersburg/Russia

Planning time
2011 − 2012

Construction time
2011 − 2015

Services by Werner Sobek
Facade engineering

24,000 m²

Petersburg City LLC/Russia

UN Studio, Amsterdam/The Netherlands

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