House of European History

The House of European History in Brussels was designed and planned by the Cologne-based firm JSWD Architekten and the Paris-based studio Chaix & Morel et Associés. Werner Sobek was responsible for the facade as well as the structural engineering for the project. The home of the new museum is the Eastmann Building, built in the 1930s in the heart of the European Quarter.

Extensive Refurbishment and Extension…

Originally constructed as a dental clinic, the building was extensively refurbished and extended to meet the requirements of a modern museum. The renovation included a complete extension of the courtyard, which was closed on three sides, as well as a three-storey extension. This created space for a 4,000 m² permanent exhibition, an 800 m² temporary exhibition and an event hall with 100 seats.

Haus der Europäischen Geschichte in Brüssel

Chaix & Morel et Associés, Paris/France
JSWD Architects, Cologne/Germany

Planning time
2011 − 2014

Construction time
2014 − 2017

Services by Werner Sobek

  • Facade engineering
  • Structural engineering (fin facade and atrium staircase)

11,605 m²

European Parliament, Brussels/Belgium

Christian Richters, Münster/Germany
Christian Fabris, Brussels/Belgium

The extension of the existing building is clearly visible in the exterior facade designed by Werner Sobek. The highly transparent glass facade of the added storeys is in deliberate contrast to the historic natural stone facade of the lower half of the building. The new glass facade is printed with a striped pattern, which reduces solar radiation. The colour of the screen printing was chosen to match the colour of the natural stone.

…Dental Clinic Becomes a Museum

The House of European History was ceremoniously opened by the European Parliament in May 2017. Visitors can learn about the history of Europe and critically engage with contemporary issues there.



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