Stadium St. Petersburg

The design for the new football stadium in St. Petersburg was penned by the architectural office of Kisho Kurokawa, Tokyo. Werner Sobek is responsible for the structural and facade engineering of this fascinating project.

Stadium with Fascinating Appearance and Special Features

The St. Petersburg stadium will be located on the Krestovsky peninsula, a few kilometres from the city centre. It has a capacity of 72,000 seats and also offers numerous special features. In addition to a movable turf surface and an openable roof with an area of 107 x 200 m, the stadium has a bridge construction with a roadway inside the stadium.

Kisho Kurokawa, Tokyo JP (design) & ZNIISK, Moscow (RU) (execution)

Planning time
2007 − 2008

Construction time

Services by Werner Sobek

  • Structural engineering
  • Facade engineering (WP 1 − 6)

72,000 seats

ZNIISK, Moscow (RU) − Central Research Institute for Building Structures

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