LG Electronics Tower

The 26-story tower in South Korea’s capital Seoul appears to be composed of two parallel but offset rectangular masses separated by a vertical ribbon of glazing. Structurally, however, the tower is framed in steel with continuous composite concrete slabs across each floor. Reinforced concrete cores at each end of the building provide lateral stability for wind and seismic loading in a roughly symmetric floor plan. The cores are nearly identical in plan, except that the east core is partially cantilevered above the third story, resulting in a reduced footprint at the podium levels. The core walls are optimized with reduced thickness at higher floor levels due to smaller gravity loads. Between the cores, the composite concrete slabs act as horizontal diaphragms that ensure relatively uniform lateral displacement of the entire floor assembly in concert with any core displacements. In addition to the primary building frame, Werner Sobek designed the unitized tower facades, cable-truss-supported lobby facade and point-supported glass entrance canopy.

RMJM/Hillier, New York/USA

Planning time
2004 − 2006

Construction time
2007 − 2009

Services by Werner Sobek
Structural engineering
Facade engineering

LG Electronics, Seoul/South Korea

HG Esch, Hennef/Germany

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