The InformatiKOM of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT is a new building on the edge of the ring road that surrounds Karlsruhe’s city centre. Werner Sobek was responsible for the facade engineering of the project.

Modern Teaching Environments & Encouraging Dialogue

The new building consists of two square structures, each with three storeys, which are placed one above the other with an offset. The lower structure is adjoined by a new building, also three storeys high, with a triangular ground plan. It is divided into a transparent base zone and massive upper floors.

An open atrium is the centrepiece of the InformatiKOM. It extends from the ground floor to below the air cushion roof on the 5th floor. This translucent foil roof allows daylight to penetrate deep into the interior of the building. The atrium creates open spaces for encounters and communication and connects all floors and learning areas.

The InformatiKOM is intended for various university facilities and institutes such as the Institute for Computer Science.

Bernhardt + Partner, Darmstadt (DE)

Planning time
2018 − 2020

Construction time
2020 − 2023

Services by Werner Sobek
Facade engineering (WP 1.1 − 2.4 acc. to AHO)

16,800 m²

The Klaus Tschira Foundation, Heidelberg (DE)

Swen Carlin Photography, Heidelberg (DE)

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