Kameha Grand Hotel

The outstanding feature of the Design Hotel Kameha Grand in Bonn is an almost dematerialised, spatial curved building envelope made of glass. It encloses a multifunctional hall that offers a breathtaking view of the Rhine. The hall is located between the west and east wings of the hotel and is up to 21 m high and 55 long. Its width is between 24 m and 30 m.

Curved Glass Building Shell

The main supporting structure of the hall’s roof is formed by six girders made of 140 mm wide welded box girder sections, which are sub-spanned by 36 mm double cables and round air supports. The last two girders on the side facing away from the Rhine are connected to each other by tension rods crossing in an x-shape. The main girders are movably mounted at one end by means of sliding blocks along the girder axis in order to minimise temperature constraints.

Architekturbüro Schommer, Bonn/Germany

Planning time
2006 − 2008

Construction time
2007 − 2009

Services by Werner Sobek
Structural planning (WP 1 − 5 acc. to HOAI)

BonnVisio Immobilienverwaltung GmbH & Co. KG,

Tomas Riehle, Bergisch-Gladbach/Germany

DAM Prize for Architecture 2010

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