REWE Green

The new REWE Green Building store of the future is characterised by a coherent building concept that simultaneously ensures a high level of user comfort and reduces primary energy requirements by 48% (consideration including commercial refrigeration). In addition to the low energy demand, the use of natural building materials, refrigerants and emission-free paints contribute to high comfort, low life cycle costs and excellent ecological quality.

First Retail Building with DGNB Gold

In the course of the project-accompanying certification, Werner Sobek Green Technologies (WSGT), among other things, optimised the call for tenders and prepared all verifications required for certification, or coordinated their provision and subsequent evaluation. WSGT also calculated the life cycle costs: they achieve the maximum rating according to DGNB.

Overall, the building achieves DGNB Gold with an overall rating of 1.32. It is the first type 1 retail building to receive such a certificate.

Koch Architekten, Düsseldorf/Germany

Planning time
2008 − 2009

Construction time

Services by Werner Sobek
DGNB pre-certification and certifcation during project phase

REWE Deutscher Supermarkt KGaA, Cologne/Germany

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