Zinzendorf Gymnasium

The aim of this project is to replace an existing prefabricated block with a new building in the style of the original baroque development. Aspects of historical monument preservation will be taken into account during the construction process. The new school building is a three-storey, conventional load-bearing construction in two sections with a basement under part of the structure and a bridge spanning the street (Christian-David-Straße). The plan is to build the new structure using a monolithic wall construction made from lightweight concrete blocks with no insulation. This is intended to reduce the amount and range of materials employed to the absolute minimum. The building project will be carried out in several stages, so that the use of temporary replacement structures for the day-to-day running of the school can be avoided while the construction work is taking place.

The project aims to attain a BNB Gold Certificate. Werner Sobek is responsible for the certification of the building itself, as well as for providing comprehensive consultation and coordination services for the steps required to achieve the project‘s objectives (e.g. the definition of necessary evidence/qualities). Werner Sobek will also produce various pieces of engineering-related evidence during the certification process.

Daniel Neuer, Berthelsdorf/Germany

Planning time
2015 – 2016

Construction time
2016 – 2020

Services by Werner Sobek
BNB and DGNB Quick Check
BNB certification during the project (incl. Life-Cycle Assessment, Life-Cycle Costs and a Recycling Concept)

9,624 sqm

Evangelische Brüder-Unität (Unity of the Brethren), Zinzendorf/Germany

Thomas Glaubitz, Zittau/Germany

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