Sports Arena Tuebingen

The new sports hall in Tuebingen is designed for 3,000 spectators. Due to the very tight construction volume, the entire structure of the supporting framework was designed without cladding. The load-bearing exterior walls are made of exposed concrete with very large openings for glazing to provide natural light to the hall.

Load-bearing Exterior Walls & Light Openings

The roof structure is a biaxially spanned girder grid of steel trusses, which were covered with a trapezoidal sheet metal roofing. The chord and mullion elements of these trusses consist of sharp-edged welded rectangular hollow sections, while the diagonals of the trusses, which are subjected to tensile stress, are designed as extremely minimized flat sheets.

A special architectural and structural feature of the sports hall are the VIP areas, which are partially suspended from the roof structure, and the fold-out spectator stands.

Allmann, Sattler, Wappner, Munich/Germany

Planning time
2002 – 2003

Construction time
2003 – 2004

Services by Werner Sobek
Structural engineering (WP 1 – 6 + 9 acc. to §64 HOAI)

City of Tuebingen/Germany

German Steel Construction Award 2006
Design Award of the Wüstenrot Foundation – Award 2008

Jens Passoth, Berlin/Germany

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