Grand Tower Moscow

Grand Tower Moscow is a highrise office tower in Moscow to be constructed on top of an already existing basement structure. It consists of a podium building and a slender twin tower sitting on top of it. The podium building reaches over the complete foot print of the as-built basement structure and is about 65 m high. The tower above will have a curved shape with overall dimensions of approximately 75 m x 96 m.

The twin towers will be coupled only by light bridges and bracings in individual stories. The building will have a total height above ground of 275 m and 283.5 m respectively (including the wind screen on top of the buildings). There are 50 storeys, twelve of which are double-height storeys. While the tower itself provides office space, the podium offers several above-ground parking levels, a spa area, a restaurant/canteen, retail and a conference area including a banquet hall.

A Russian-language interview on the project with the CEO of Werner Sobek Moskwa, Mr Ivan Tomovic, can be found at The interview highlights the importance of integral planning for the sucess of the project.

Werner Sobek, Moscow/Russia

Planning time
2012 − 2015

Construction time
2014 − 2022

Services by Werner Sobek
General planning
Object planning
Structural engineering
Facade engineering
LEED precertification
Sustainability and energy design

390,000 m²

OOO “GRANDTITUL”, Moscow/Russia

Werner Sobek, Stuttgart/Germany

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