China Mobile South Base

The “Display Centre“ is the iconic signature building of a completely new campus of China Mobile in Guangzhou. The building is shaped as a hyperboloid. The facade structure is made of rhombic steel elements. Due to the double curvature of the envelope shape, a cladding with four corner flat IGU panels creates little stepping shingled offsets at every unit. Customized special solutions and a fully modular facade unit construction scheme were developed to account for these effects. The inner concrete structure of the building follows that geometry via ramps, which are developing in accordance to the changing perimeter over the building height. The “Display Center” is app. 22 m tall. Its diameter increases from 45 m at the ground floor to 80 m at the top of the building.

gmp, Hamburg/Germany

Planning time
2006 − 2008

Construction time
2008 − 2019

Services by Werner Sobek
Structural engineering
(schematic design, consulting)
Facade engineering
(schematic design, design development, consulting)

China Mobile, Guangzhou/China

Christian Gahl, Berlin/Germany

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