China Mobile South Base

The Display Centre is the representative main building of the new company premises for China Mobile in Guangzhou. It is about 22 m high and its diameter increases from 45 m to 80 m at the top. The building has the shape of a hyperboloid, i.e. a large curved geometric form. Its facade consists of diamond elements.

Hyperboloid with Facade of Rhombus Elements

The double curvature results in offsets in each flat square glass field. They require a specially developed fully modular connecting and cladding construction. The interior reinforced concrete construction follows this external shape through ramps that move outwards over the height.

gmp, Hamburg/Germany

Planning time
2006 − 2008

Construction time
2008 − 2019

Services by Werner Sobek
Structural engineering
(schematic design, consulting)
Facade engineering
(schematic design, design development, consulting)

China Mobile, Guangzhou/China

Christian Gahl, Berlin/Germany

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