Fallersleber Tor Bridge

The Fallersleber Tor Bridge is an inner city bridge over the River Oker in Braunschweig that serves for tram services of the city. The bridge was designed as a new interpretation and reminiscence of the former Möller Bridge at the same location. To enable a lightweight und economical structure, the double curved cross section of the pre-stressed concrete bridge was built with an optimized shape according to the flow of internal forces. Main focus was put on the integration of supply pipes that serve not only as cladding tubes but also as supporting structure of the concrete.

GMP, Hamburg/Germany

Planning time
2008 − 2009

Construction time
2009 − 2011

Services by Werner Sobek
Structural engineering (WP 1 − 3 acc. to HOAI))

City of Braunschweig/Germany

Ulrich Schwarz, Berlin/Germany

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