Soravia Wing

Hans Hollein designed a flying roof for the airspace between the Archduke Albrecht Monument and the new main entrance to the Albertina in Vienna. This Soravia Wing made of anodized aluminium and supervised by Werner Sobek covers an escalator that leads from Albertinaplatz to the main entrance. The roof is 53 meters long and up to 12 meters wide.

A Wing Made of Anodized Aluminium

As part of the comprehensive redesign of the Albertina in Vienna, the main entrance to the museum was relocated from Augustinerstrasse to the (higher) front of the building on Augustinerbastei. In order to connect the foyer with the lower Albertinaplatz, a new access situation including escalator and elevator was created.

Hans Hollein, Vienna (AT)

Planning time
2001 – 2002

Construction time
2002 − 2003

Services by Werner Sobek
Structural engineering (WP 1 – 5)

Albertina, Vienna (AT)

Rolf G. Wackenberg, Berlin (DE)
Studiofy, Bremen (DE)

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