R128 Shaders

The task for Werner Sobek Design was to develop an umbrella for the terrace of the R128 house designed by Werner Sobek. The umbrella should be able to stand open on the terrace even in strong winds.

Each of the R128 Shaders designed in 2003 consists of a stainless steel support, four ribs and a waterproof membrane. A specially developed anti-lift device connects the umbrella support to the umbrella base underneath the patio gratings and secures the umbrella against lifting. All stainless steel parts are glass bead blasted.

Glass Bead Blasted Shades with Lift-Off Safety Device

In order to achieve the straightest possible edges for the large spans, a very high pretension and a very precise cutting of the membrane covering were required. Dismantling and storage of the shaders require only minimal effort, as only removable plug-in/screw connections are used.

Werner Sobek, Stuttgart/Germany

Planning time

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Services by Werner Sobek

  • Design
  • Object planning
  • Structural engineering

Ursula & Werner Sobek, Stuttgart/Germany

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