Shakespeare’s Globe Theater

The new Globe Theater on an island in the river Kocher that flows through the German town of Schwäbisch Hall is set to replace the old, weather-beaten wooden theatre that once stood on the same site. Its circular form is inspired by that of the historic Globe Theatre in London. The structure has an approximate diameter of 25 m. Despite its compact size, the project stands out due to the diverse complexity of its design. Part of the building’s shell consists of load-bearing reinforced concrete and part is constructed using steel and timber frames. The wooden roof structure extends far out over the rows of spectators and into the theatre’s interior space. It is anchored to the floor slab via tension rods acting as tiebacks. The central opening in the roof is spanned by a retractable steel construction that is equipped with pneumatic cushions made of ETFE foil.

City of Schwäbisch Hall – Abteilung Hochbau (design + part of execution)

Obinger Architekturbüro, Schwäbisch Hall/Germany (execution)

Planning time
2016 − 2017

Construction time
2017 − 2019

Services by Werner Sobek
Structural planning for the building shell and timber roof
(WP 1 − 6 acc. to HOAI)

1,770 m²

Freilichtspiele Schwäbisch Hall, Schwäbisch Hall/Germany
Represented by City of Schwäbisch Hall – Abteilung Hochbau/Germany

Exemplary Building of Architektenkammer

Dirk Altenkirch, Karlsruhe/Germany

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