Shakespeare’s Globe Theater

The new Globe Theatre on the Kocherinsel in Schwäbisch Hall replaces the old, already weathered wooden theatre on the same site. The circular cubature with a diameter of around 25 m is modelled on the shape of the historic Globe Theatre in London. Despite its compactness, the new theatre impresses with its complexity and diversity.

Compact & Complex at the Same Time

The shell was constructed partly in solid reinforced concrete and partly in steel and timber. The wooden roof structure spans far over the auditorium tiers into the interior of the theatre. It is anchored back to the floor slab by tension rods. The central opening of the roof is spanned by a movable steel construction with pneumatic ETFE foil cushions.

City of Schwäbisch Hall – Abteilung Hochbau/Germany (design + part of execution)
Obinger Architekturbüro, Schwäbisch Hall/Germany (execution)

Planning time
2016 − 2017

Construction time
2017 − 2019

Services by Werner Sobek
Structural planning for the building shell and timber roof
(WP 1 − 6 acc. to HOAI)

1,770 m²

Freilichtspiele Schwäbisch Hall/Germany
Represented by City of Schwäbisch Hall – Abteilung Hochbau/Germany

Exemplary Building of Architektenkammer Baden-Württemberg 2020

Dirk Altenkirch, Karlsruhe/Germany

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