City Quarter P18

City Quarter P18, a sustainable district, is being constructed in the Bad Cannstatt borough of Stuttgart using Aktivhaus modules designed and developed by Werner Sobek. In accordance with the developer’s wishes, the project will stand as a milestone in sustainable and serial construction. Featuring a total of six buildings for the staff of Bad Cannstatt Hospital, the quarter represents the largest neighbourhood of timber residences ever planned in Germany by a single investor.

All six of the planned buildings are made up of prefabricated timber modules that sit above a conventionally constructed underground parking garage. The goal is to establish the development as a Plus Energy neighbourhood. As such, particular attention was paid to the structures’ energy performance and building systems technology throughout the planning process. For example, PVT collectors will be used to produce both power and thermal energy, the latter of which will serve as a source for the project’s heat pumps. This will help the installations attain a remarkably high, remarkably constant level of efficiency overall.

To complement this set-up, small exhaust air heat pumps will also feed warm exhaust air into the main heat pumps’ primary systems and thus achieve a level of heat recovery. Moreover, the selected building envelope — which is similar to that of a Passivhaus — will feature particularly low heat transfer coefficients and very few thermal bridges. These measures will allow the buildings to fulfil the requirements of a KfW Efficiency House 40+ and generate a surplus of energy from sustainable sources when viewed over the space of a year.

AH Aktiv-Haus GmbH, Stuttgart/Germany

Planning time
2020 – 2021

Construction time
2021 – 2023

Services by Werner Sobek
Energy concept
Technical building services planning
Thermal and sound insulation
Consulting with regard to KfW funding
Project planning
Object planning

Stuttgarter Wohnungs- und Städtebaugesellschaft mbH, Stuttgart/Germany

Werner Sobek, Stuttgart/Germany

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