Trestle is a concept for a pedestrian bridge connecting Moynihan Station with Hudson Yards in Midtown Manhattan and was selected as a finalist for the Metals in Construction 2019 Design Challenge. The objective of the competition, hosted by the Steel Institute of New York, was to design an elevated urban pathway to make foot travel more attractive and engaging for pedestrian commuters, using structural steel construction with minimum interruption and maximum transparancy to the street below.

The 530 m long steel space-frame bridge spans 10 m above the street as a 3D Vierendeel truss supported on inclined steel columns, strategically placed to minimize street level impacts and optimize structural behaviour. The design is complex in shape but simple in structure – making it expressive, lightweight, rational, and economical to construct. It evokes formal and tectonic connections with railyards and traditional railway bridge trestles, while supporting a high degree of programmatic flexibility and rhythmic modulation of architectural experience in relation to structural expression. The space-frame is made of standard steel pipes connected by custom digitally fabricated steel joints, cast from 3D printed sand molds that are recycled to avoid the waste of typical single-use molds. Additionaly, the structure is designed to be fully reusable or recyclable, with no permanent connection between materials, thus creating a zero waste cycle with adaptable resiliency and future economic value. Within its dense urban context, Trestle’s sustainability strategy is based on creating a unique microclimate, generated by a lush vegetative landscape that modulates between urban light, acoustic, water and heat factors.

Together, these components support a rich pedestrian experience, capitalizing on the development of the neighborhood and building stronger connections between Moynihan Station and Hudson Yards and within the greater community itself.

Cooper Robertson with Werner Sobek, New York/USA

Planning time

Construction time

Services by Werner Sobek
Concept design
Structural design
Sustainability planning

11,000 m²

Steel Institute of New York/USA

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