Würth Administration Building

This new hybrid-timber building has been devised to serve as an extension to the Würth company headquarters in Künzelsau.

Appropriate Use of Materials & Hybrid Timber Construction

The project’s structural design makes reference to two different sources: the supporting exoskeletons typically used in high-rises on the one hand, and the traditional half-timbered buildings found in the local Hohenlohe region on the other. The extension’s volumes have also been planned to function in a way that respects the materials involved, with a supporting structure that is easy to build in its entirety and that can readily be modified and dismantled after its useful life in the interests of circular construction.

According to the statement from the prize’s judging panel, “the office tower’s hybrid-timber design impresses with its respectful approach to materials, while its stacked, offset volumes with supporting timber frames represent an interesting contribution to the field of timber construction. The use of internal timber that is visible from the exterior promises a highly developed sense of spatial atmosphere within.”

ORANGE BLU building solutions GmbH & Co. KG, Stuttgart (DE)

Planning time
2022 – 2025

Construction time
2025 – 2027

Services by Werner Sobek
Structural engineering (WP 1 – 6)

20,450 m² (total)
85,550 m³ (above ground)

Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG, Künzelsau-Gaisbach (DE)

ORANGE BLU building solutions GmbH & Co. KG, Stuttgart (DE)

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