Mercedes-Benz Trade Fair Stands

In 2005, Werner Sobek designed exhibition stands for Mercedes-Benz. Standardised wing-shaped basic elements were arranged in groups or rows for this purpose, dividing the exhibition stands and forming spaces. They are enclosed by soft, gently curved partition walls. Seen from above, the space-creating elements describe segments of a circle.

Circle Segments Made of Gently Curved Partition Walls

The number of wing-shaped wall elements arranged along the curves of these basic shapes transfers the softly structured baselines to the vertical. In part, one can see through or even walk through these partitions, while other wall surfaces are completely closed and form enclosed spaces that are hidden from view.

Werner Sobek, Stuttgart/Germany

Planning time
2002 − 2003

Construction time
2003 − 2005

Services by Werner Sobek

  • Design
  • Object planning (WP 1 − 8 acc. to § 15 HOAI)
  • Structural engineering

2,500 m²

Andreas Keller, Altdorf/Germany

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