Exhibition Center Xi’an

The new Xi’an Fair consists of a total of seven exhibition halls. Four of these halls were realised in the first construction phase. The ground plan dimensions of the halls are 144 m x 72 m each.

Glass Walls Provide Plenty of Light

Two massive reinforced concrete masonry beams are arranged on each of the long sides of the buildings. The roof structure sits on these beams at a height of approx. 14.5 m, supported by short steel columns. The barrel-shaped steel roofs have a free span of 66 metres. The front sides are fully glazed.

gmp, Hamburg/Germany

Planning time

Construction time
2006 − 2007 (phase 1)

Services by Werner Sobek
Structural engineering (concept design, predimensioning, lead detail development, consulting of Chinese planning partners)

152,000 m²

Xi’an Qujiang Cultural Industry Investment Group, Xi’an/China

Jan Siefke, Shanghai/China

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