FHF Mensa Rottenburg

The campus of the University of Applied Forest Sciences (FHF) in Rottenburg is located to the southeast of the town centre. Due to an increase in the number of students attending the institution, the university canteen can no longer be housed in its current, historically listed home. It is being moved to a new building instead. Upon completion, this freestanding structure will not only meet exacting standards of functionality, durability and design, but will also serve as a model of energy efficient, sustainable architecture. Overall, it is envisaged that the development will consist of a timber or hybrid timber construction.

In terms of efficiency, the project’s baseline objective is to fulfil the requirements for a KfW Efficiency House 40. If possible, however, it will also strive to attain the Efficiency House Plus standard defined by the German Federal Government.

Glück+Partner GmbH, Stuttgart/Germany

Planning time
2021 – 2023

Construction time
2023 – 2024

Services by Werner Sobek
BNB coordination, incl. special services
(Building ecology consulting, LCA, LCC, various concepts)

685 m²

Vermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg Amt Tübingen/Germany

Glück+Partner GmbH, Stuttgart/Germany

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