Fallen Sky

Fallen Sky is a site-specific sculpture that was commissioned from Chinese American artist Sarah Sze and installed in the grounds of the Storm King Art Center in New Windsor, NY. Werner Sobek was responsible for providing all technical services and carrying out the light and glare analysis required for this extraordinary project.

Land Art Made of Stainless Steel

Fallen Sky consists of a circular cavity measuring eleven metres in diameter that has been pressed into the earth. The sections of the sculpture that rise up from the ground are clad in mirror-polished stainless steel. Sze used a range of media in the creation of the work, including plants and waste material.

Fallen Sky – Sarah Sze In New York

Sarah Sze, New York (US)

Planning time
2020 — 2021

Construction time

Services by Werner Sobek

  • Design and planning of special constructions
  • Light reflection and glare study

100 m²

UAP, New York (US)

Sarah Sze, New York (US)
UAP, New York (US)

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