Doha Convention Center

The Doha Exhibition and Convention Center in Qatar is a building aiming at strengthen and outline the role of the Gulf state as a business hub in the Middle East. The center was designed by Helmut Jahn in close collaboration with Werner Sobek, who conceived the cable facade described here. A special feature of the building is the transparent cable-stayed facade at the south side. Wind loads are carried by horizontal prestressed stainless steel cables. These cables span up to 180 m between two vertical bow-string columns. Given the long spans, keeping control of horizontal deflections and of the resulting warping in the insulated glass panes was a particular challenge.

Jahn, Chicago/USA

Planning time
2012 − 2014

Construction time
2013 − 2015

Services by Werner Sobek
Facade engineering

219,361 m²

Qatari Diar Real Estate, Doha/Qatar

HG Esch, Hennef/Germany

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