Garage Museum

The Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Gorky Park is part of the new centre for contemporary art in the heart of Moscow. The former Vremena Goda restaurant has been spectacularly transformed into an art gallery. OMA’s design for the 5,400 m² building includes exhibition spaces on two levels, a creative centre for children, a shop, a café, a lecture hall and offices.

Soviet Mosaic Meets Polycarbonate Facade

The design deliberately preserved various design elements from the Soviet era (such as a large mosaic), but at the same time offers a number of significant architectural and curatorial innovations. Werner Sobek was responsible for engineering a double-skin facade consisting of polycarbonate panels on the outside and inside. The space between these panels is heated or cooled to ensure a constant indoor climate in the exhibition rooms.

OMA, Rotterdam (NL)

Planning time
2013 − 2014

Construction time
2013 − 2015

Services by Werner Sobek

  • Facade engineering
  • MEP engineering
  • Thermal simulation

5,400 m²

Garage Center for Contemporary Culture/Iris Foundation, Moscow (RU)

Yuri Palmin, Moscow (RU)
John Paul Pacelli (NL)
Egor Slizyak/Denis Sinyakov, Moscow (RU)

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