Victor Toyka Bridge

The Victor Toyka Bridge project comprised the design and structural engineering of two pedestrian footbridges over Ardeystraße and Ruhrallee in Dortmund. The gradients of both bridge structures are curved in plan, the Ardeystraße bridge structure was given a multifunctional platform for the integration of the development.

Two Footbridges for Dortmund

The bridge superstructures are partly made of multi-cellular hollow steel boxes and structural concrete. The structure over the Ruhrallee also has an overhead rib and pier discs made of structural concrete.

Werner Sobek, Stuttgart/Germany

Planning time
2000 − 2004

Construction time
2004 − 2006

Services by Werner Sobek

  • Design
  • Object planning (WP 1 − 6 acc. to § 55 HOAI)
  • Structural engineering (WP 1 − 4 acc. to § 64 HOAI)

City of Dortmund/Germany

Petra Böttcher, Herdecke/Germany

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